Return Brief 2

4 Apr


For this project, we are to create a magazine from scratch which will be titled Random. Random’s theme will be decided individually. My theme for Random is “Cool Food” which will feature articles, illustration and pictures about food with no specific hierarchy.

Cool Food will be a standard A4 size magazine.

Design limitations

The concept for this publication will be minimalism in partial color. Part of the magazine will feature only pictures/illustration without any typography. There will be few double spread pages in Cool Food featuring articles and pictures/illustration.

Typography will be a main attraction to this magazine. The fonts used will be contemporary  to fit the minimalism theme. There will be only 2 fonts choice to be incorporated , one as headlines and the other as text. This publication will also feature pop up element and interactivity.

The featured topics are;

1) Food Typography

2)Funny things to do with food

3)Food Travel


5)Throwback packaging

6) Food manipulation

7) Recipes

8) Food moments

9) Facts on food

10) Interviews related to food

Peppered beef burger with chips Example of partial effect.


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